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Psychic Founds Center:
lofty hopes in isolated valley

Linda in 1985 - Interview in Press Democrat
by Rich Cartiere 2/12/1985

In a quiet isolated valley just north of Healdsburg may rest the future of the world.

There, at what promises to become Northern Sonoma County's major center for spiritual learning, psychic and spiritualist Linda Lazzar-Friend said she tries to push mankind onto the next step of evolution.

Linda Friend in 1985An ambitious goal, it is typical of Friend's lofty hopes.

By teaching even a few individuals to be all they can be, in both spiritual and psychic senses, Friend said she believes the entire human race will collectively progress along the path of evolution.

"If just one person makes that breakthrough, the way opens up for the rest," said Friend.

"That one act essentially can raise the consciousness of the whole planet."

Friend's "center" is a modest cabin on her vineyard-surrounded ranchhouse where she holds seminars and one-on-one counseling sessions.

She has also used it to provide a small lecture hall for Harley Swiftdeer, a nationally known Indian spiritualist.

Swiftdeer was reportedly taught the secrets of North American Indian medicine and healing by the same teacher who taught anthropologist and best-selling writer Carlos Casteneda, author of a series of books delineating the teachings of a Yaqui lndian he called don Juan.

Friend plans to have Swiftdeer visit the Healdsburg area on a regular basis and conduct seminars on Indian teachings. Other psychic and spiritual teachers whose teachings are compatible with hers will also be invited.

"The awareness of our intuition, of our spiritual self, and the ability to trust that have been lost in modern man," said Friend.

"With nuclear war our society is on the edge of the greatest destruction ever - of ourselves. If we can get our spiritual sense developed, then maybe we can turn the world around."

Indian teachings are particularly valuable, according to Friend, because they emphasize "how to work" with the planet. She said modern society tends to abuse the planet whereas ancient Indian culture taught individuals it must be respected.

"Friend also does "energy readings," which she defines as a psychic look at the subtleties of a persons psychological and spiritual makeup.

Her background includes extensive work in psychotherapy. She was in private practice for seven years. She has trained in gestalt body work, and family therapy. She was clinical director of the Odyssey House, a residential treatment center for adults in San Francisco.
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