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The Wintertime Blues:
post-holiday letdown can be difficult - and it holds meaning

by Barry W. Dugan, Healdsburg Tribune 1/14/2004
The winter holidays have passed, the Christmas tree is compost. The wrapping paper has been recycled and the so-called "happiest time of the year" really didn't turn out to be. The twinkling holiday lights have been replaced with the cold, dank days of January. Christmas decorations have been replaced with the crass decorations for the next secular celebration, and the mildew is forming again in the corners of the closet. post-Christmas holiday depression Is it any wonder so many of us are feeling blue?
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Depth Psychology, the Wounded Healer, and the World of Trauma

by Linda Friend, MA, MFT
Healdsburg Holistic Health News 1999

Because I am a practitioner of Depth Psychology the archetype of the wounded healer is central to my life. In order for psychology to be "deep" it must be continuously mining the light of the spirit and the recesses of the darker chasms of the human soul. Healing for me is the rebuilding of a broken bridge between these two dimensions of the self.
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When Pain Turns on Itself:
The Scapegoat Complex

by Linda Friend, MA, MFT
Healdsburg Holistic Health News 2000

To me life is about learning to live from the heart. In my experience opening to grief again and again is how heart is developed and strengthened. Love, creativity, and fulfillment become more accessible. Grief and suffering, both personal and collective, are always the door. It seems that to be alive is inevitably to be in pain. The more passionately one relates to life the sharper and more intense the pain. The more access we have to our pain the more access we have to our joy. Where we have experienced terrible wrenching pain our heart becomes wounded and we naturally, often out of necessity, learn to armor our heart against these unbearable experiences.
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Simple Gifts:
Finding My Voice in Music

by Linda Friend, MA, MFT, Healdsburg Holistic Health News 2000
For many years music for me was something everyone else got to do. I always had friends who were musicians or involved in the music world in one dimension or another. But I always felt it was something I could never do. I was gifted in other ways as a healer and psychotherapist but not musically.
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Psychic Founds Center:
lofty hopes in isolated valley

Linda in 1985 - Interview in Press Democrat
by Rich Cartiere 2/12/1985

In a quiet isolated valley just north of Healdsburg may rest the future of the world. Healdsburg center for counseling and meditiation There, at what promises to become Northern Sonoma County's major center for spiritual learning, psychic and spiritualist Linda Lazzar-Friend said she tries to push mankind onto the next step of evolution. spiritual learning and training in the North Bay, California An ambitious goal, it is typical of Friend's lofty hopes.
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