Women’s Group

Wise Women

A Meditation and Spiritual Support Group For these Unprecedented Times

The Hopi have a prophecy for this time. “It is the end of the time of the lone wolf”. The challenges at this time are unprecedented. A world wide pandemic, economic inequality, racial injustice, and climate change resulting in repeated fire and flood trauma here in California.

We are all challenged not to give into a sense of isolation and fear, but to step through the opening that the “tearing down” time has created into a deeper sense of trust and belonging,  That is a big challenge, when collectively we have been triggered into fears for the future and dark imaginings  reminiscent for many of earlier personal traumas in our lives.

The ongoing group encompasses meditation and spiritual practices which include Qigong, Native American, the eight seasonal rituals of the Celtic year, singing sacred music, active imagination, art work, and sharing relevant literature.

These vehicles we experience together to weather the storm and hold the perspective that death and rebirth is the path of the souls becoming, individually and collectively.

By embracing consciously the necessity for the old to fall away, it’s easier to hold that we are in an inevitable and necessary collective transformation, and sustain hope for the future.

This group is for women who have done some inner work and are familiar with their personal shadow, complexes, traumas, gifts, passions, and potentials.

This gives our imagination the potential capacity and wisdom to comprehend the transformative necessity of our current collective descent. We meet weekly for and hour and a half at my mountain retreat in Healdsburg, and virtually during the pandemic. An initial individual interview is required to join the group.

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